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BA in dance & art, postgraduate internship in A.M. with Janet Adler, graduate of the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, ordained as an interfaith minister.
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I offer classes and individual work in Authentic Movement in Maine, throughout New England and abroad. I am a hospital chaplain and a bereavement facilitator for families. My own personal commitment to the form has opened up a rich writing and drawing practice that I have been engaged in for 30 years.I have recently begun reading my work in various settings and am in the process of selecting pieces with the idea of making a book.

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The very beginning of my connection to AM was as a college freshman in a Dance History class. All the classic films were shown throughout the semester; Graham's "Cave of the Heart", Humphrey,Limon,Cunningham and so on. Then one day Janet Adler's film "Looking for Me" came on. I was drawn to the way in which she was present with people and knew the feeling I had that day was a deep recognition of something to come. Ten years later,in 1982 I moved to Massachusetts and began the training intensive in Authentic Movement with her.This work began informing all my movement work; teaching,performing,Contact Improvisation,Action Theater, my own work with autistic children.It became the foundation, what everything else rested on. It was remarkable to be on the crest of the wave at a time when the AM community was in it's infancy and to see all that has developed from that point on to now. The form has given rise to such a generosity of spirit and has provided us with a way to tend to the unseen elements at play in our lives. My question is and has been for a long time now, how do we find a common language to describe this work that is accessible to more people? How do we speak of the body's resource and ability to bring our awareness to new and unexpected places? How do we share this work with a variety of people in a variety of situations and circumstances? My dream is that my work continues to become less rarefied and more real for more people.


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