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MEd (Antioch New England), BC-ADTR, CMA, KMP, NCC, BCTMB
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 Dance/Movement Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst,  Body Worker,  Authentic Movement and Embodied  Spirituality. Private practice, teaching, supervising. Classes, workshops, retreats in Virginia and nationally. On faculty at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies at the University of  Maryland and Embodying Spirit En-spiriting Body Leadership Training Institute in California (includes on-going AM component).  Introductory and ongoing Authentic movement workshops  in Charlottesville, Virginia and in a rural  country studio . 

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Started with Authentic Movement in 1975 in Amherst, Mass--, a wide doorway into personal transformation and knowing myself, and have continued using the AM practice since then. Added a professional layer through Jungian Dance Therapy training at  Antioch. This work is personally and professionally exciting and nurturing, with continually unfolding surprises. I love supporting myself and others on the journey of listening into our body wisdom and becoming more of one's true essence, in motion and stillness. Deep, personal connection with Authentic Movement as a Spiritual Practice, and is what I have been most excited about for the past many years .I would  love to see a renewal of gathering(s) of AM leaders to share and practice together, especially around AM and Spirituality.



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