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Cassielle Bull, MA, BC-DTR, founder of Body Visible Body Invisible, is a teacher and dance movement therapist dedicated to experiential learning and translating experience into action.  She has studied, practiced and taught the healing and creative aspects of movement for over 30 years, recieving her MA in Dance Movement Therapy from Naropa Institute in 1988.  She is formally trained as a dancer, performing in New York, California, and Colorado. She received her training in Authentic Movement at the Institute for the Study of Authentic Movement in New York, transforming her work as a therapist and choreographer. She is also a Senior Fellow of the Hendricks Institute and is certified in the Hendricks Method of Body-Centered Transformation and Conscious Relationship Transformation.  She is currently the artist in residence at Maacama Retreat Center  in Northern California and co-directs LEAPNOW, an organization dedicated to experiential education for young adults. Creativity, movment and bridging awareness with action in relationship to evolving with the natural world are integral to Cassi'e life and work.

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Creativity and deep listening weave together to bridge conscious with unconscious, visible with invisible, moving in direct relationship to my soul's calling through a sense of place, understanding wonder as the language of spirit.


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