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Licensed Psychologist-Masters, faculty member Circles of Four program
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Bonnie Morrissey is honored to be a continuing and devoted student of Janet Adler, and the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Bonnie first met and studied with Janet (and Joan Chodorow) in 1981. Through the years, Janet has generously offered her presence as Primary and Retreat teacher, as well as in a Supervisory role. Janet’s inspired teaching and the unlimited potential of the practice itself have oriented Bonnie’s professional and personal development.
Bonnie is on the faculty of Circles of Four, an international post-graduate program for those who wish to teach the Discipline of Authentic Movement (see www.disciplineof authenticmovement). Bonnie currently teaches a regular class series in the Discipline of Authentic Movement in Burlingon, Vermont. She also teaches workshops in other locations. Bonnie’s teaching practice is grounded in more than 30 years of experience offering psychodynamic depth therapy to individuals and couples, as a licensed Psychologist-Masters in private practice. In her teaching and psychotherapy practices, Bonnie aspires to cultivate inner qualities of mind through relational inquiry. Whether sitting, moving, speaking, or listening, she longs to participate in the development of a more compassionate Witness Consciousness in Self and World.
Bonnie Morrissey, M.Ed., graduated from the Dance Therapy Program at Antioch/ New England Graduate School. She did post-graduate work in the field of Consciousness Studies with Stanley Krippner at Saybrook Institute. Her research was a cross-cultural study of spirit-based healing using dance and mediumship techniques in Brazil.
“Authentic Movement and Embodied Consciousness: Deconstructing the Hierarchies that Sustain Oppression and Domination in Human and Nonhuman Animal Life”, in ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation, Volume 29, Number 1, Summer 2006.
“Umbanda Ceremonies and Mediumship in Brazil”, in Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy, Volume 26, Number 4, Winter 1990.

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