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M.A.; Graduate of Contemplative Dance, 1 yr. program, and multiple week-long programs with Alton Wasson and Daphne Lowell. Participant in Facilitators’ Workshops with Alton Wasson.
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Specializing in work with individuals or small groups, I bring my expertise and experience in Classical Homeopathy to bear in my work with Authentic Movement, and also the other way ‘round - my Authentic Movement facilitation background feeds my work as a homeopath! I work with clients using either approach or both approaches together, depending on the needs and interests of the client. I have a keen interest in Depth (Jungian) Psychology, and allow what I have learned first-hand to inform and empower my work as homeopath and Authentic Movement facilitator. I see the work of healing as very much a co-creative and evolving process between clients and myself, I recently have begun “Skyping” long-distance with homeopathic clients. And, I have done long-distance peer work in Authentic Movement. I invite inquiries regarding my work by phoning or emailing.

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