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A Moving Journal, 1994 - 2006

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Ongoing Expressions of Authentic Movement

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___*Spring 1994: Peer Groups. Diana Levy, Valerie Angeloro, Lynn Garland; Diana Jackson on Art and Body Awareness.


____Summer 1994: Interview with Julie Leavitt, "Moving the Sacred Body"; Aileen Crow, Jaime Stover Schmitt, and Germaine Fraser on Witnessing.


____*Fall 1994: Neala Haze, Tina Stromsted, Hollister Landel on the opening of the Authentic Movement Institute (Part I); Wendy Weinburd on Birth and Witnessing; Linda Ugelow on Sacred Endings, Ruth Winifred Dahlke on Wanting to See and Be Seen.


____Spring 1995: Joan Chodorow, Nisha Zenoff, Janet Adler on the opening of the Authentic Movement Institute (Part II); Soraia Jorge on Weaving New Cloth; Daphne Lowell on Recuperation.


____Summer 1995: Interview with Zoe Avstreih, "Soul Work", Daphne Lowell reports on a Facilitators Gathering , writings by Carolyn Sadeh, Andrew Gaines, Lou Ann Baylock, Lisa Mott, Corlene van Sluizer.


____Fall-Winter 1995: Interview with Edith Sullwold, "A Dancing Spirit"; Andrea Olsen on Authentic Movement as Research, writings by Alton Wasson, Carolyn Sadeh, Heidi Ehrenreich; art and poetry by Susan Schell.


____Spring 1996: Interview with Penny Lewis, "Authentic Sound Movement Drama", Lynn Uretsky on Language, Germaine Fraser on Dreams, Peter Honchuark.


____Summer 1996: Focus on Books. Interview with editor Patrizia Pallaro by Soraia Jorge; Mary Ramsay "inter-reviews" Joan Chodorow's book, "Dance Therapy and Depth Psychology"; Joan Chodorow on The Moving Imagination, Connie Frey on creating an AM bibliography.


____Fall-Winter 1996: Sexuality and Relationship. Aileen Crow and Jaime Stover Schmitt dialogue on Sexuality, God, and the Shadow; Bettina Seidl on Authentic Movement as Relationship Practice, writings by Joan Webb, Elizabeth Windrover, Wendy Goulston.


____Spring 1997: Interview with Kathlyn Hendricks, "Reflections on Mary Starks Whitehouse" by Christine Caldwell; Heidi Ehrenreich, Germaine Fraser, and Ruth Winifred Dahlke on a second gathering of facilitators.


____Summer 1997: Education and Training. AMJ survey results of AM trainers on education and training issues; Interview with Daphne Lowell, Mary Ramsay and Alton Wasson on Contemplative Dance.


____Fall-Winter 1997: The European Society for Authentic Movement: founding member's statement, first meeting report, letter from Academic Council members; Janet Adler on Teaching the Discipline; continuing results of AMJ survey of AM trainers on education and training.


____Spring 1998: Re-inhabiting the Female Body by Tina Stromsted; writings by Michael Gardos Reid, Vivien Marcow Speiser; poetry by Lynore Banchoff, Kacey Carmichael, Moira K. Boyd.


____Summer 1998: Performance. Interview with Judith Koltai by Connie Frey. Paula Sager reviews "Gravity Twins" and interviews Cathy Weis. Aileen Crow on Dream Figures. Meg Cottam and Bill Botzow: site specific performance installations.


____Fall-Winter 1998: The Collective. Interview with Janet Adler by Annie Geissinger; Sox Sperry and Lisa Tsetse on Authentic Movement as Nonviolent Community Action; Carolyn Sadeh on Home and the Marketplace.


____Spring 1999: Men Speak. Interview with Andrew Gaines and Bill McCully; David Mars on Where are the Men? Alton Wasson on What Kind of Work is This for a Man to Do? Sharings by men on doing AM with men; poetry.


____ Summer 1999: Nature. Marcia Plevin on Authentic Movement and Quantum Mechanics; Paula Sager on Eyes of Trees; Jaime Stover Schmitt on Moving with Tree; Andrea Olsen on Authentic Movement and the Environment; poems and letters.


____Fall-Winter 1999: Parenting. Interview with Larry Miller on babies; writings on parenting by Paula Sager, Lizbeth Hamlin-Haims, E. Connor Kelly, Joan Webb; artwork by Diana Jackson; letters and poems.


____Spring 2000: Dreams. Writings by Zoe Avstreih, Heidi Ehrenreich, Aileen Crow; Holly Ewald on Art, Teaching, and Dreams; poetry by Lizbeth Hamlin-Haims, Rick Brostoff, Patricia Kuusisto.


____Summer 2000: Authentic Movement: A Safe Place for Group Movement Therapy by Anne Hebert Smith; writings by Jeanne Castle, Bettina Seidl; questions from readers; poems by Eric Huther and Paula Sager.


____Fall-Winter 2000: Authentic Movement across cultures. Writings by Anna Witholt, Marcia Plevin, Annie Geissinger, Michael Gardos Reid, Janet Adler; poems by Finn O'Gorman, Matt Meyers, Noa Ben Amotz.


____Spring 2001: Out in the World.Theatre of the Unconscious by Joan Davis; writings by Barry Marshall and Paula Sager, Germaine Fraser; poems by Bruce McCarter, Bonnie Morrissey.


____Summer 2001: Acts of Creation by Susan Schell; interview with Aileen Crow by Germaine Fraser and Deborah Sherman; Authentic Movement My Way by Aileen Crow; poems by Wendy Weinburd and Audrey Cooper.


___Fall-Winter 2001: Responses to events of September 11, 2001 by 35 movers from all over the world


____Spring 2002: Teacher, Leader, Mediator, by Mary Starks Whitehouse; writings by Paula Sager and Lizbeth Hamlin-Haims, Sox Sperry, Mieke Kohl, David Mars, Jeanne Bassis, Benna Kolinsky; poems by Marja Cantell, Judy Funderburk, Elisabeth Dearborn, Karen Pando-Mars, Sandy Muniz Lieberman, Emma Linderman, Jan Sandman, Laura Hays, Janet Beth Brodie, Bonnie Morrissey, Lisa Tsetse.


____Summer 2002: Therapy. Against the Wall/Her Beating Heart by Barbara Holifield; Balancing Opposites by Alison J. Buck; Haiku by Peter Norlin; Haiku Charting by Michael Gardos Reid and Jenny Moore; Interfera by Aileen Crow; Coming Home by Zoe Avstreih.


____Fall-Winter 2002: Sound. Conversation about Sound with Aileen Crow, Heidi Ehrenreich, Suson Schell, and Carol Zahner; Sensory Channels and Authentic Movement by Aileen Crow; Different Voices: Perspectives on Sound by Aileen Crow, Beate Becker, Dan Bergman, Sue Trueman, Riki Alexander, Anne Kraus, Lou Ann Baylock, Jaime Stover Schmitt, Nancy Zendora, and Judith Isaacs; Listening to Sound by Paula Sager; The Playground of Saah-ooo-nd!! by Mieke Kohl.


____Spring 2003: Self and Other, The Practice of the Community Long Circle by Sox Sperry and Lisa Tsetse; From Autism to the Discipline of Authentic Movement by Janet Adler; The Racetrack is a Circle by Rebecca VerNooy; Book Review: Every Woman's Yoga by Jaime Stover Schmitt; poems by Doris Martin, Jean Seibel, Lauris Phillips, Michael Gardos Reid, and Lynn Asch.


____Summer 2003: The Fool. Journey of the Fool: interview of Kathy Bernstein by Paula Sager; The Black Egg by Carolyn Sadeh; To Fool or Not to Fool by Michael Gardos Reid and Lovice Weller; Trickster as Redeemer by Jaime Stover Schmitt; The Fool of Hearts by Susan Schell; poems by Carl Rudman, Susan Schell, and Carol Fields.


____Fall-Winter 2003: Transforming Shame by Carol Zahner, Responses to Janet Adler's book, Offering from the Conscious Body; Authentic Movement and Science by Eilla Goldhahn; The Gift of the Deer by Lovice Weller; Moving with the Journal.


____Spring 2004: Art. Artists and Movers by Mimi Dejanikus and Diana Jackson; The Embodiment of Ancient Story by Diana Jackson; Dream Vessels: The Art of Marsha Connell; Moving from Disability to Endless Possibility: The Life of Charleen Berels; My Art by Crow; Movement and Mind: Penny Lewis 1946 - 2003 by Anne Brownell.


____Summer 2004: Astonishing: Musings of a Word Keeper by Kathee Miller; Weaving Words: Voices from Green Gulch; Intuitive Life Movement: an interview with Shelley Tanenbaum; Movement Finds a Mover by Addi Brooks.


____Fall-Winter 2004: Moving with the Journal: A Celebration of Ten Years of Publication; Honoring Neal Haze by Tina Stromsted and others; Reflections on the Authentic Movement Institute by Tina Stromsted; Book Review: Body and Earth, an Experiential Guide by Andrea Olsen.


____Spring 2005: Authentic Movement and Laban Movement Analysis, an interview with Peggy Hackney; We Are All One by Stu Breisch; The Divine Within by Soo Young Lee; A Ceremony by Larry Butler; The Movements of Desire by Carolyn Hauck; Sometimes by Carol Verner; Out of the Studio.


____Summer 2005: Religious Practice. Enhancing the Grace: An interview with Alton Wasson by Annie Geissinger; Authentic Movement and Buddhism by Zoe Avstreih; Breathing in the Field by Marcia Plevin; Gateway to the Sacred by Caroline Leibman; A New Body, poem by Kathee Miller.


____Fall-Winter 2005: Sense of Place: an interview with Andrea Olsen by Susan Schell; I See You Tree by Shakti Andrea Smith; Canyon Scenes by Tom Webb; Nature and Contemplative Dance by Alton Wasson; Finding the Bone in the Wind by Susan Bauer.


____Spring 2006: Healing. Into the Fire by Marlene O'Connor; Authentic Movement and Embodied Consciousness by Bonnie Morrissey; Psolodrama by Joel Gluck; Magically Human by Fiona Brandon.


____Summer 2006: A Fallow Field, interview of Annie Geissinger, Paula Sager, and Joan Webb, by Mary Ramsay; Authentic Contact in Brazil by Soraya Jorge; These Dances Rise Up, an interview with Eva Karczag by Aileen Crow and Paula Sager; Authentic Movement, Homeopathy, and Healing, an interview with Alison Buck by Annie Geissinger.




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